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Coconut Sugar is natural sugar made from the coconut palm tree sap’s sugary fluid. The sap is placed at very high heat until most of the water is evaporated and left with sugar granules. It is then sieved with different mesh sizes and packed.

Our coconut sugar is known for its tasty sweetness that has a hint of caramel, and compared to the nutritionally-empty regular cane sugar, coconut sugar contains these benefits: iron, zinc, potassium, antioxidants, dietary fibers and a lower Glycemic Index. 

Our Coconut Sugar already certified with : USDA, EU, Halal & Kosher. (For Premium Organic Type)


  • Color : Light Brown to Dark

  • Form : Granulated / Powder

  • Size : Mesh 14 / 16

  • Moisture : Max 2%

  • Sucrose : > 80%

  • Fructose : 2-5 %

  • Glucose : 3-5 %


– -25 kg multi layer kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner

  • 20 feet Container : Max load 17-18 mt

  • 40 feet Container : Max load 24-25 mt

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