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Describing and Facts of Dried Coconut Meat


Dried coconut meat is also known as copra. It makes us compare coconut with copra.

Coconut is the palm fruit, while copra is its dried kernel. This article focuses on the coconut dried kernel or copra. Below is some information for our better understanding.


Dried Coconut Meat Description


From the earlier paragraph, we know the difference briefly. It allows us to compare fresh and dried coconut. Let us see the description in the following details. 

Like the name, dry coconut is just dry. The milk within has already hardened. We can find this type of coconut mostly in mature fruit. 

By the time it hardens, it becomes copra. After the copra is cracked, we can discover the moisture and oil content. 

For the moisture, the meat should contain roughly 50%. Meanwhile, the oil content is around 30-40%. Both are the ideal condition for copra. 

Our company processes the copra in a regular and standard form. We dry the coconut meat under the sun’s heat. We reassure that the moisture content dips down around 4 to 5 %.

Aside from that, we also consider the oil content. It should jump from 36% to 70%. After drying the coconut, we can see the result. 

The dry coconut meat is off-white. It can be white with a mild coconut flavor. Then, we can compare it with desiccated coconut meat.

In tropical climates, coconut is available in any season. Because of that, we can produce dry coconut all year round. We ensure the product quality with the best result.


Surprising Current Facts


The scientific description explains that coconuts are Cocos Nucifera fruit. It is also called the coconut palm. The white flesh or the kernel is fibrous. 

The kernel has healthy edible meat. Besides, we can take advantage of its refreshing milk from the flesh. If we dry the white flesh, we call it copra. 

Our company produces copra by removing the mature coconut husk. Start by cracking open the kernel. In this way, we expose the meat, including liquid within. 

After that, we continue to the next phase. Proceed by drying the meat with two methods. We dried with the help of air and sun or using hot air drying. 

In several countries, they dried using a heated tunnel method. Others applied a kiln-heated process to dry the kernel. Meanwhile, our company dried the coconut flesh most with the help of air and sun. 


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