rbd coconut oil specification

RBD coconut oil specification includes its ingredients, appearance, flavor, color, contents, and storage.

RBD Coconut Oil Specification – Here are the Details You Should Know

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About RBD Coconut Oil


Are you wondering about the RBD coconut oil specification? Well, you do not have to wonder anymore because we are here to give you an abundance of information about RBD oils. Just sit back, relax, and let us tell you everything you need to know about RBD oil.

Before we talk about the specifications of this oil, you need to know what this oil is all about. So, RBD oil is a type of oil that comes from a coconut. What makes it different than other coconut oils is that the RBD oil is refined, bleached, and deodorized.

Because RBD oil went through all of those processes, it becomes odorless and tasteless. And that makes the oil very suitable for things like cooking or beauty products. However, that is not the only reason why RBD coconut oil is very special. Without further ado, let’s talk more about the details of this oil.




The ingredients of this type of oil are pretty simple. RBD oil is made out of copra, which is dried coconut. The copra will then go through a couple of processes until it is extracted into coconut oil. Another thing you should know is the fact that the whole process does not involve solvents or other chemical processes.




RBD oil has a very unique appearance. This oil is relatively colorless since it went through a whitening process. This process involves heating the oil at a very high temperature. That way, all of the germs inside the oil died off.


Flavor and Color


Another RBD coconut oil specification you need to know is its flavor and color. This type of coconut oil is very unique because it has no odor or flavor. If you try to taste this oil, you will not taste anything at all. You also will not smell any odor coming from the oil.




Next, let’s talk about the contents of this type of oil. RBD oil essentially contains a couple of components. These components include iodine, peroxide, acid, and solid fat. The solid fat content will usually change based on the temperature that you put this oil in. The higher the temperature, the less solid fat that you will find in the RBD oil.




Storing this type of oil is pretty simple. You should store this oil in a dry environment. Aside from that, you want to place RBD oil in an odor-free environment as well. And that is all you need to know about RBD coconut oil specification.


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