coconut meat product

coconut meat product

Coconut can turn into so many products. A high-quality coconut meat product is produced from high-quality coconut milk also.

Coconut is one of the most promising agricultural commodities to developing. One of the reasons is that the fruit can turn into so many products. But sure, to have a good coconut meat product, the meat to use must be high-quality also. Below, there is a list of the coconut meat products and further descriptions about them.


Dry Coconut


Dry coconut is known also as copra or desiccated coconut meat. The product is processed through some steps. It is started from the peeling of the outer skin of the fruit along with its fiber. The coconut is tend sliced into two and the meat is separated from the shell.

Traditionally, the coconut meat to produce into dry coconut must be kept in a few days to meet its best condition. The meat is then dried in a big machine that works like an oven or microwave. The dry coconut is ready to use. Yes, this type of coconut product is the main ingredient for other products such as coconut oil.


Coconut Oil


Well, in the point above, you have learned about a half process to produce coconut oil. To turn a dry coconut into coconut oil, 3 methods are possibly done. They are known as the wet method, the express method, and the extraction method using a solvent. 


Coconut Milk


This coconut product must be familiar enough as you may have used it multiple times when making dishes. Even you can make it yourself. It is a process to grate the coconut meat and turn it into tiny pieces. Next, just add water and squeeze it. Coconut milk is ready to use.

Sure, there are now some more practical methods. Some kitchen equipment products are designed specially to make coconut milk. If you are still too lazy to make it yourself, ready-to-use coconut milk products are widely available in



Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a product made from the diversification process. To make coconut sugar, the meat is extracted to get the sap. It is cooked for many hours and then dried. The product is in the form of blocks and you can use it as the sweetener of foods and drinks.

Compared with conventional sugar made from sugarcane, coconut sugar is considered healthier for the lower level of glucose. It is even more recommended for diabetics and diet programs. But of course, if you want to consume the coconut meat product in a large amount or for the long term, make sure to consult the doctor first.


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