what is coconut meat

What is coconut meat? Coconut meat is the main part of the coconut to consume aside from the water. It contains nutrition and has many benefits for health

what is coconut meat

What is coconut meat and why is it really good to consume?


What is coconut meat? Well, you must be familiar enough with this part of a coconut. It is the main part of coconut aside from the water to consume. Young coconut meat is to be consumed directly along with the water as a type of drink. Meanwhile, the old one is the source of coconut milk as an ingredient for many dishes.

Coconut milk contains many types of nutrition needed by your body. By consuming it right, it helps you solve some health problems. The benefits of coconut meat mainly focus on its healthy fat content. So, what can you find from consuming coconut?


A Source of Fiber


Coconut meat enables you to fulfill the daily need for fiber. In an old coconut, most of the fiber contained is not dissolvable. Meanwhile, it works to improve the health of the digestive system, mainly the intestines. Young coconut meat tends to have more soluble fiber and it is recommended for weight loss, sugar blood controls, preventing cholesterol, and improving the digestive system.


A Source of Minerals


Coconut meat including desiccated coconut meat is rich in some important minerals such as manganese (Mn) and Cu. Manganese in the body helps the metabolism of fat and protein. Besides, those minerals also support the body system to use other important nutrients including zinc and vitamin E.

Other minerals contained in coconut milk are magnesium and sodium. Both play a role in keeping the balance of the liquid inside the body’s cells. Particularly, magnesium is needed to help the heart optimize its function as well as enhance the development of flesh and muscles. Not to forget, they are very important in the production of erythrocytes.




Coconut milk consists of the phenolic compound. It is a kind of antioxidant that protects cells from any oxidative damage. Some research also found that antioxidants in coconut oil are effective in preventing cells from damages and even death caused by oxidative stress and treatments like chemotherapy.

Antioxidants in coconut are also proven to improve the immune system and reduce inflammation. Coconut milk, generally, contained the middle-chained triglyceride with some characteristics like antivirus, antifungal, and tumor pressure.


Heart Protection


Coconut milk contains healthy or HDL cholesterol as well as it helps reduce LDL cholesterol. That’s why It is beneficial to press the risk of heart problems. The magnesium contained is also effective in controlling blood pressure, reducing belly fat, and stabilizing the glucose level. So, what is coconut meat? It is a source of many important nutrients for the body.


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